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Games can be created using Roblox Studio, a free web-based graphic design program that uses Lua programming language. Players can access user-created games using one of Roblox’s official clients, or through a browser using a web client. Many games are playable inside the game client, but some require players to connect Roblox Studio to the game through a URL. Roblox players can also connect to other players and play local games.

User-created games can be published to a player’s portfolio, accessed by other Roblox users. Users can purchase additional features with Robux, the platform’s virtual currency. Robux is purchased with real money and is generally used to purchase in-game items to customize a user’s game. Roblox ads can also be displayed in player games. Roblox Studio and other Roblox services are also available on computers, tablets, and phones.

Roblox was launched as a simple platform for users to create simple games. Roblox, however, added new features to expand its scope. Roblox Studio, the design program, added editing, code support, support for virtual cameras and sounds, game maps, skins, and scripting, among other features.
Roblox now hosts many games of varying genres, including adventure, action-adventure, shooter, racing, RPG, sandbox, survival, and others.
Games are usually divided into categories that include match-3 games, car games, construction games, combat games, social games, and others. Categories and genres also serve as sub-categories, and many games share multiple categories and sub-categories. Online mode is supported through the upload of files to the game server.

Differences from Other Multiplayer Gaming Platforms

Roblox operates through the development of thousands of games, which is in contrast to the single-player experiences found on other gaming platforms. Other platforms produce games for one player only. Roblox games use features of a gamified environment, including user-generated content, status indicators, and in-game communication. Additionally, players of Roblox games have the ability to rate each other with positive and negative comments, and can post other social features such as emojis and gifs. Roblox games that contain social features can be viewed by other players who have entered the game, while other games can be played without having to join the game. Roblox games also include a chat feature through which players can


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