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Get ready to reap the benefits of RSS feeds. RSS Feed Viewer will let you get the news and entertainment delivered to you from your favorite web sites and blogs, without cluttering your inbox with constant updates. You can also subscribe to news feeds from your favourite social bookmarking sites! RSS Feed Viewer is a free RSS feed reader, which can be used on all popular platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).
Tread without fear: Read your favourite news sites from your Internet browser or web mail with this great tool. You can also view RSS feeds for Twitter, Facebook and Delicious.
Easy to use: RSS Feed Viewer allows you to automatically download and open new RSS feeds, and lets you subscribe to new feeds using your favorite RSS reader.
Visit RSS feed websites in a clean browser window: RSS Feed Viewer lets you view RSS feeds from your favorite web sites and blogs using its built-in web browser.
Auto download new feeds: There are no ads in RSS Feed Viewer. You can subscribe to news feeds by using the web browser and automatically download RSS feeds on the websites you visit.
Subscribe and unsubscribe RSS feeds using RSS reader: Use RSS Feed Viewer to automatically download RSS feeds. RSS Feed Viewer lets you subscribe to RSS feeds using your favorite RSS reader. And after subscribing, it will automatically download the feeds for you.
RSS Feed Viewer Features:
RSS feeds can now be opened directly in your web browser: RSS Feed Viewer can now open RSS feeds directly in your web browser. Just click the RSS feed link to read the latest news from your favourite websites.
You can subscribe to RSS feeds directly from the web browser: RSS Feed Viewer allows you to subscribe to new feeds without leaving the web browser. It can subscribe you to RSS feeds without opening a web browser for it.
Preview RSS feeds before downloading: Preview RSS feeds in the web browser so that you know what you’re going to download. The preview function will also make it easy to decide whether you want to download or not.
Clicking a news link will automatically open the RSS feed in the RSS Feed Viewer: Clicking a news link will automatically open the RSS feed in RSS Feed Viewer.

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* See individual feeds, read all of them or view only unread feeds.
* Add feeds directly from the list view, via the Browse button on the toolbar.
* Add feeds directly from OPML files.
* See the title, time and date of each feed.
* Easy access to the reading pane where you can view the content of each feed.
* Add to the Favorites list, the To-Do list, or the Clear cache function.
* Export the list of RSS feeds to an OPML file.
* Minimize the application to the system tray.
* Reset the window’s state.
* Open a feed in a new tab or in the web browser.
* View a summary of each feed.
* View the actual content of each feed.
* Empty the cache.
* View the Feed List panel.
* Access the Edit Feed menu.
* Minimize to the system tray.
* Full support for multi-monitor systems.
* Support for XP and Windows Vista.
* Minimum supported Adobe AIR version is 1.0.
* No Flash support.
* You can’t control the application from the list view.
* The application has not been updated for a long time.
* Users who are interested in it should visit the Web to keep up with the latest updates.
* [See full description in the Help section of the program.]

RSS Reader 3D is a desktop application that lets you quickly and easily search for, read and share RSS feeds. It works as a file indexer or a browsing tool, that is, you can search for feeds by title, description or the time of publication. When you find the feed you want, you can read its contents using this free RSS Reader with 3D graphics. RSS Reader 3D does not replace the RSS experience on your computer, but offers a convenient way to view your RSS feeds. The application does not need to have a network connection to find and read feeds. You can also save favorites feeds

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What’s New In?

RSS Feed Viewer is an Adobe Air tool that lets you view RSS feeds in a user-friendly environment, as the name implies. It can be used by beginners and experts alike.
The interface of the application is represented by a regular window with a well-organized layout, where you can easily add a new feed to the list by writing its URL or by importing OPML files.
The primary window is divided into four panes. Therefore, you can access feeds by their website name or by published time (e.g. today, last month, older). But you may also check out the title, time and date for each feed, as well as effortlessly view content in the reading pane. It is possible to open a feed in a new tab or in the web browser, show a summary of each feed, view only unread feeds, export the OPML list, empty the cache and reset the window’s state.
From the Preferences panel you can make the tool minimize to the system tray area and automatically run at system startup, among others.
RSS Feed Viewer supports keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation, has a good response time to key strokes and mouse commands, and uses a moderate amount of CPU and system memory. We have not encountered any problems throughout our evaluation, since the program did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Although it has not been updated for a pretty long time, RSS Feed Viewer delivers a quick and effective solution to reading your favorite RSS feeds.

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