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The biggest thing I have to address is that we’ve had some unfortunate things happen, one of which resulted in a serious injury. It’s been a tough time for a lot of people and it has been hard on the relationship, so I’ve decided to take a couple of weeks off to be with my family and spend some time with my kids, as a thanks to the fans for all the support and to be with my family.

“I’m not taking any calls, I’m going to be silent for a bit. I hope to do some charity work to help support the families of the team, which I think we can do now that I am home with my children.”

Do you think you need time to heal from your injuries?

“I don’t feel like I need time to heal. I’m just going to focus on my kids and my family.”

Can we expect the return of Big Walt?

“It will be Walt.”

Do you have any friends you’d like to see return?

“I have a few favorites, just a few. I think the one thing I can say, and it might be because I am a little bit older than the rest of them, but I think we have all matured a little bit as players and as people. I think that’s the thing, that we’ve all learned some lessons and hopefully we can move forward and be even stronger as people. It’s not so much about guys, it’s about the situation at hand.

I know that right now there is a larger issue than the guys. It’s about the team, and we all have to stick together and work it out. I think everyone can get through these hard times. There is a greater good and I can only hope that everyone comes together and continues to work towards that as we go forward.”

“I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to speculate about it. I don’t want to beat myself up. Obviously, I have some regrets and some things

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I’m using the same. The toughest of these challenges puts you up against five of the hardest bosses in the game—and it will leave you.
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