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The perfect synthesizer software and a very special price.
Saurus is a unique synthesizer for composers, sound designers, and producers.

Our mission is to provide a completely new experience for sound design and composition that finally puts human creativity and artistry in control of your music.

Our goal is not to be the most accurate clone of a vintage synthesizer but to be an entirely new product which includes many additional features and advantages to synthesizers.

But please don’t hesitate to leave your impressions below.

Additional Features:
• An emulator designed for desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones
• Audio connection using either analog audio line input or audio output (stereo or mono)
• Version up to 32 voices (with a lot more coming in a future update)
• Over 1000 presets with easily editable settings
• Over 250 sounds effects and oscillators
• 24 -Step sequencer
• More to come…
• License you can give it a try for free and if you like it, purchase it for $11.99.

For our most valued customers the future update will add fully digital versions of the Korg M1, ARP Odyssey and Mellotron.

The latest update contains improved virtualization for the Wavestation and Korg M1, new oscillators and sound effects for the ARP Odyssey and a few other updates.

Each of the following videos will take you through the main features of Saurus.

Saurus has a great array of features and it will take you around 60 minutes to get up and running with Saurus.
If you have any questions you can contact me via the following:
Twitter: @SaurusAudio
Facebook: /SaurusAudio

I made a Saurus bundle which includes a few add-ons:
• Korg nanoKEY – Unique and complete with the all original sounds & functions. Its a must have if you have a Korg nanoKEY or if you want to try one out
• The Synthoid – I made this as a simple demonstration of how Saurus emulates the sounds of the Synthoid.
• The ProKeys bundle – With over 300 sounds this bundle covers just about every conceivable sound you can dream up.
• The Mammoth bundle – If you like making big ancrusting sounds this is what you want. With over 50 sounds you can get right in there and make some serious high-end sounds

Saurus Crack

– Each button of the keyboard is a macro button: by pressing the button on the keyboard, you can assign a macro to that button, and when you press the button, you have the possibility to execute a programm, or a sequence of movements, that you can save and load.
– Useful for controlling your keyboard macros: by pressing the button, you can see all the keyboard macros, and using your keyboard, you can execute the macros that you have defined.
– You can assign a macro to any button of the keyboard.
SIMPLE Operation:
– By pressing the button on the keyboard, you can easily set up and save the macro.
– By pressing a button of the keyboard, you can activate a macro or a sequence of movements.
– You can define the duration of the sequence of movements and how many movements there are in each macro.
– Each macro is composed of any number of movements, each one of which is a short sequence of movements of the keys of your keyboard.
MOBILE APP Description:
– iPhone and iPad: You can use your iPhone or iPad as a keyboard with the MOBILE APP.
– It works also with the other mobile devices, as Android or Windows Phone.
– Mac: Using MOBILE APP with your Mac is easy: just use the most common “Apple Remote” application that allows you to move the cursor on your screen, and by pressing a button, you can assign a macro to that button.
– You can use the Mac as a keyboard and you can also use the MOBILE APP.
– Mac: Using MOBILE APP with your Mac is easy: just use the most common “Apple Remote” application that allows you to move the cursor on your screen, and by pressing a button, you can assign a macro to that button.
– MOBILE APP: It works also with the other mobile devices, as Android or Windows Phone.
MIDI mode Description:
– You can define the MIDI output protocol.
– The MIDI output will be mapped to one of the MIDI outputs that your external MIDI device has.
– The choice of MIDI output protocol is enabled via the APP as well.
– The MIDI output will be mapped to one of the MIDI outputs that your external MIDI device has.
– You can define the MIDI output protocol.
– The MIDI output will be mapped to one of the MIDI outputs that your external MIDI device has.

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What’s New In Saurus?

The Z-1 is the finest-sounding electric piano from the ’60s in a unique 24-bit stereo (DSE) format at 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution, with 32 voices of polyphony. Two separate and independent keyboards allow for a wide range of flexibility, including the use of its fully-programmable arpeggiator and arpeggiator-plus.
Although the Z-1 comes loaded with a huge library of professionally recorded samples, the Z-1 also features two high-performance internal oscillators, plus dual-filter and dual-filter+ memory, to quickly generate and shape your own fantastic sounding patches. The Z-1 provides three color-coded MIDI-expressive keyboard sections, each with its own dedicated range of touch and tone color.
A pair of high-quality Lexicon® powered speakers can be included, but the Z-1 will sound magnificent with or without them. The Z-1 also features an integral effects section with four presets and an internal tuner, plus separate dedicated effects and effects send and return jacks for integrating your favorite external effects units.
The Z-1 is equipped with a highly flexible aftertouch-equipped Yamaha YC-110LE 88-key/ 61-note electric grand piano, with dual voices that both play separate and distinct notes at once, plus direct MIDI access to several powerful and flexible onboard parameters. The Z-1 also features the newly released Roland ES-776P digital wireless system with integrated mixer, and the ES-716P digital wireless system with built-in monitor/mixer. For connecting MIDI instruments, the ES-726P two-channel/two-bus MIDI wireless system is included.
The Z-1 can also be configured to run on the Z-1 Operator Mode version for the Roland GR-20GR or GR-32GR system rack units.

Saurus 1.1

Saurus 1.1

App ChangeLog

-Add scale control
-Add customize sound control

App Screens


requires following permissions on your android device.









System Requirements:

Mandrake Drom (Mandrake Linux)
Windows XP Professional / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 Pro
Office 2010
Java 1.7
Processor: 1.5 GHz or faster
Memory: 512 MB or more
Graphics: 256 MB or more
Mandrake Drom is a special type of Linux distribution built for AMD Athlon 64 processors. Based on the Mandrake Linux (now known as Mandriva) distribution, it uses the Linux kernel 2.6.35.

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