Suppandi Comics Free [CRACKED] Download Pdf


Suppandi Comics Free [CRACKED] Download Pdf


Suppandi Comics Free Download Pdf

the series unfolds through a series of quirky jobs that he takes up — a missile scientist, a puppeteer, a magician, a soccer player, and a goalkeeper, among others! along the way, let us all learn from suppandi the true meaning of hard work and persistance. this series is written in the popular comic strip format and contains a panel for each day, so you will definitely love the comic, so that it is!

as we say farewell to the old series, we have started working on the new content! new in the series, go behind the scenes and learn the story of how we began this wonderful story of 5 fearless, talented, hard-working and hard-living humans. in the creative process, feedback from you all is always welcome.

suppandi comics free download pdf

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suppandi comics free download pdf

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please download and enjoy the more than 450 pages of suppandi comics.

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our classic comedy series continues with super suppandi! in the series, you will find super suppandi working as a puppeteer. his only dream is to perform at the national level. but things are not going well as he has been unsuccessful at every attempt. his boss, an old friend of his, invites him to be part of his 3 suppandi comics free download pdf  
suppandi is one of the most famous comedic characters of india. but his popularity is much older than that. suppandi was first created by the famous hindi cartoonist k.n. jadhav. you will find him battling a giant mutant mouse, acting in a movie, and rescuing a damsel in distress.
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