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we had the pleasure of meeting maraschino and co. ‘s owners, cecilia gomez and kristine delfosse , at the cinco de mayo festival in north beach last month. the three-year-old tequila and cinco de mayo business definitely knows what it’s doing.

they specialize in catering and mixing cocktails, but what really strikes me about their business is the passion cecilia and kristine have for their products. there were cases and cases of each of their vodka brands at the festival, and they were a hot commodity.

the ladies were born and raised in puerto rico and shared that their passion for tequila and cinco de mayo are a product of their home island. prior to opening the business, they worked as bartenders at some of the top clubs in town. cecilia & kristine had their eyes on the north miami beach bar scene for a long time, and their love of cocktails, margaritas and the latin culture of puerto rico was a perfect fit.

the ladies told me that they maintain a casual and comfortable environment, making their customers happy with their cocktails. and they do it with a smile. their employees greet customers by name and are well-trained to mix the perfect drink.

they use fresh squeezed juices and mix cocktails at the bar and in the tiki room. i have no doubt that the business is doing well and has a bright future. and despite its recent, somewhat controversial, move away from tequila, maraschino and co. continues to show that it knows what it’s doing. 

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