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Crack Para Formula 1 2014 12

Title: Para Formula 1 2014 12
Author: piro
Posting date: 6-Dec-2013
Post link:
This can also work if you use the Elastrator to bend parts of your map into LODs.
If you are using the hammer, and doing LODs, you might also have to edit the meshes to make sure they do not snap if you load them on an F1 car, or something with a lot of really small detail.
Setting up for PBR (plugin-based radiosity), I ended up doing this for one map just to make sure things were good.
If you want to do that, follow these steps:
– turn off the lighting in the level
– open up the level with the LODs, and LOD the level to have the LODs in the background
– enter the map as it should look
– open up the plugin directory
– create a crack for the map
– swap in your plugin
– exit your map (and all files) and close your blender instance

Title: Re: Para Formula 1 2014 12
Author: Kraschnoi
Posting date: 6-Dec-2013
Post link:
I’ve been using Eclipse for a while, (I’m a programmer, in case you didn’t know) and have had good luck with it.
How to quickly open Eclipse:
#1 Click the icon in the taskbar
#2 It should open up under Windows Explorer
#3 Right click and select “Open Folder”
#4 Inside the folder is Eclipse
If you get lost after that (and you should), let me know and I’ll post some screenshots.
If you have a lot of code, you can even open up the entire folder using Windows Explorer, and then select all (using Ctrl+A) and then copy (Ctrl+C) them to your clipboard.
Then you can paste them into the Eclipse interface using Ctrl+V
This is a little more difficult for me (since I’m not the best with Excel), but you should be able to find a tutorial on-line.
Follow those steps, and it should work.
Best of luck


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