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In Java, what is the difference between Serializable and Cloneable?

I know that Objects that implement the Cloneable interface can be cloned; however, what about Serializable objects? What exactly does “cloning” a Serializable object mean, and how does it differ from an non-Serializable object?


A clone is a new version of an object. Cloning an object usually means you want to operate on a copy of that object, because any modification made to the original affects the copy.
Serialization is a process by which data is sent between computers, but that’s what it does. Serialization tends to save the data in binary format, without any interpretation, in that sense it does not convert the object into any form of code, just data. It does that through a system called a StreamWriter, which makes a binary file that contains the object.


Serializable is for “data” transfer. Cloneable is for “code” transfer. Data is more general, while code is narrower.
See the documentation for and java.lang.Cloneable for more detail.


Serialization is for only data transfer between two processes or machines
Clone is for object copying
Also Serializable can be used for saving and reading an object state.
See more details at the Serializable

to the list of charged offenses in the original indictment. Therefore, the district court did
not abuse its discretion when it revoked Coates

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