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or similar – version 10.2.1 (x86 and x86-64) windows. 10 ultralite, (or windows 10 ultralite. If you know of any other versions please.



You do not need those fancy GUIDs.
Simply use “My Computer” then “diskpart” and type:
list disk

select disk 4 (or whatever disk number the C:\ drive is)
list partition
select partition 1 (or whatever number you have for the C:\ partition)
list file system
select file system NTFS
exit diskpart

Next, open a command prompt (as Administrator). In the prompt type:

and type CD (space) then tab. Type:
cd \ (there is a space and then TAB)

and then wait a second, then type CD and then press ENTER.

to see if you can see the big file that you are looking for.
If it is there, type:
cd \windows\system32

and then:
“path to target file>” type the full path to the big file.

After typing this, wait a second and then enter:
copy from “path to source file” “path to target file”

When it asks for a password, type “password”
If all is well, you should get a message saying it has copied successfully.
Please note:
The CD command must be executed with the CD command, not with just “CD” on it’s own.

To compare two large files:
Also, you can compare and merge two large files, and even do incremental merges. For a guide see (here), which is great for doing multiple versions of a file on one file system.
Finally, here is a tutorial on how to check the integrity of a file on disk. Once you have a repaired file, you can compare it to the original file and see if it has been modified (the is how you know if it is an infected file).

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Paste the content of the file above in a CodeSnipit and copy the code.



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