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If you enjoy playing flash games online or you are just checking the latest news, the last thing you want is to get distracted by irritating ads or any other element, especially if you find the content engaging and interesting.
WindowShadez is a light piece of software that enables you to create panels that can mask your entire desktop or only parts of it using similar images, artless colors or web pages.
Customizable GUI, yet intuitive functionality
While it first you get the impression that the program comes with an unpolished and outdated interface, let us not forget that you are looking at the Settings window. This is also the window that allows you to select the desired layout, set the opacity, specify if you prefer to hide the taskbar or peel the black edges. In addition, you can choose the color you want, picture or website to use as a cover for your desktop.
Considering that you can add any picture, color or web page you like, what you end up viewing on your desktop is a picture of what you actually enjoy. Although it may seem a little counterintuitive, applying the shade over the desired window is a simple matter of accessing Invert from the context menu.
Allows you to conceal distracting elements
The idea behind the program is to enable you to use layouts that you created from various websites and application to cover up the background, particularly when you cannot maximize the window. Consequentially, working on an application or playing a strategy game because less distracting when your attention is not drawn to other elements.
You can use any color you want (the 48 standard ones or one you can create yourself by mixing them), a web page or any other picture you store on your computer. You should know that the utility works with the general image formats, so you can create a new layout using print screen and Paint, for example.
On the other hand, it would have been nice if the app included a separate function that enabled you to take the snapshot and customize the layout to surround the active window you are using.
A simple app that can boost productivity
All in all, WindowShadez does a pretty good job at masking elements that could distract you from playing, reading or working.


Download ★★★

Download ★★★






WindowShadez Crack X64

WindowShadez is a desktop application designed to enable users to quickly change the shade settings and use them with any window. It is an extremely useful utility that can be used to make working and playing more productive.
Feature-rich, customizable and intuitive interface
WindowShadez includes some of the features you expect from a full-featured graphical application, including a settings window where you can set the style, opacity and color of the shading, as well as some other useful options. The software allows you to use any picture, color or web page you want, and you can set the opacity to make the shade visible or to make it completely transparent.
The application also includes a handy context menu where you can browse through the files and folders on your computer to search for the right file and apply it to the main window. This menu includes a handy function that allows you to set an inverted image to make the shade completely transparent and not just partially.
In addition, you can set the desired area to cover and apply to any window. This means that you can easily hide the background of the active window or peel off the black edges of the window itself.
WindowShadez Version:
Version 1.2:
1. Added a new Shading option.
2. Changed the app icon and layout.
3. Improvements in the settings window.
4. Improved the configuration file.
5. Fixed minor bugs.

With Flash Player 11, you can play video and audio in Adobe Flash Professional CS6.
Since the tool also comes with the free Adobe Flash Professional CC 6.1, you don’t need to pay for the professional version to add multimedia content to your website and applications.
Both versions of the application enable you to add videos, audio files and more to your Flash projects. However, while it is possible to do so with both versions, the developer of Flash Professional 6.1 has included a new function that makes this task easier than with Flash Professional CS6.
Video and Audio Compatibility
When you open a video or audio file using the professional version of Flash Player 11, the most probable error you might encounter is the following:
“The file format is not recognized”.
This error will be displayed, even if you have previously saved the file and you open it without any additional changes.
To avoid this situation, you can add more files to the project by selecting “New” from the file menu and opening

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KEYMACRO is a tool to make complex key combinations easier.
It’s based on a macro programming language that enables you to automate actions in any program.
Some of the many features:
* can execute several hotkeys simultaneously.
* can execute hotkeys, mouse clicks or windows commands at a single click.
* you can do many operations in one keystroke.
* you can change the parameters of an action.
* works for any program without installation.
* easy to learn.
* can generate a config file.
* can load and save config files.
* has an auto-save feature.
* the code is included.
The program is available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Linux and Mac OS X.
KEYMACRO also includes extensive documentation and a video tutorial for beginners and advanced users.
KEYMACRO price: $9,95

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Downloads is a desktop service that enables you to easily access and organize files of any type, simply by using your desktop. It combines file organization, version control and backup in a single application, while keeping your important data as safe as possible.
If you are a user of the cloud-based service, you can choose to sync or store your data locally, with no need to worry about the security of your files.
Search, download, and restore your files
You can quickly locate any file in your computer by using the Search feature and you can search for a specific file, document or a folder. In addition, you can quickly download the file, restore a previous version or restore from a backup.
With Downloads, you can also browse and preview files using thumbnails, add bookmarks to files, and make use of the custom menu.
Easy backup with Storage media
You can also access your files from different sources, using external USB or SD cards and other storage media. A password can be set to protect your files and this enables you to safely back up files, even when the computer is turned off.
You can also perform online backup with Dropbox or Google Drive.
Works with any type of file
You can open files of all types, including spreadsheets, image files, MP3, videos, presentations, and even work documents, thanks to the simple, customizable user interface.
Users who have any type of document need the capability to open it, from Microsoft Office to Open Office or Libre Office.
A computer with the following minimum system requirements:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Nutsa is a simple yet sophisticated application that provides your smartphone with an additional screen. There are two screens available and both can be installed simultaneously. The first one will be displayed on your phone’s main screen, while the second one will be displayed on the main screen

What’s New in the?

Highly customizable desktop protection tool.
Create your own desktop panels with any image, color or website.
From this tool you can protect the currently used application window, the desktop or even the whole desktop.
Decorate the currently active application window with your own designed cover.
Lock the taskbar or show it in a separate panel.
You can easily customize the opacity of the window, as well as the colors and the style of the shade.
Highly configurable.
Add, remove or move any panel on the desktop.
Create new desktop panels in no time.
Customizable interface with awesome templates.
Set your own cover photo, color and website and customize your panel.
Apply your own layouts and shades on the taskbar, desktop and more.
You can choose between four different desktop cover styles.
Supports multiple desktop.
Doesn’t use system resources.

Catch the Beat
is a two player arcade game where you and your friend try to keep up with a melodic dance with the beat.
This is what they say:
You and your friend will need to keep up with the rhythm of the song by tapping on the screen and matching the beats. You can play in pairs or against a single opponent.
Sounds simple? Let’s see how it is:
This is a simple two player game with a character in the center and a beat in the background. While tapping on the screen you will be able to make notes to the beat. When you tap on the notes, they will match the rhythm of the song.
Keep in mind that the further to the beat you are the more notes you can make. The challenge is to catch the beat and play correctly.
In this game you will see the opposite notes of the song played in the background and you will need to tap on them to match the rhythm.
One player plays the character and the other player plays the note counter.
Both players will have a five-minute time limit to complete the song.
You can earn all-time high scores to compare against your friends.
The top 50 high scores of each player will appear in the leaderboard.
The highest score will be featured in the leaderboard and on the next gameplay.
The next gameplay will include five seconds of ads before you start playing.
Try not to hit the ads and make good matches with the song.
You will have to keep up with the rhythm to get the highest scores.
Catch the Beat Gameplay Video:

is a game where you are going to play the role of a spy who needs to connect to a server in order to complete his mission. You must successfully pass five tests in order to get the data of the spy that you need to complete the mission.
This is what they say:
You are a spy who needs to get the data from a powerful server. The server is accessed via

System Requirements:

1. Windows 7 or higher
2. Minimum of 4GB of RAM
3. Powerful CPU
4. Good graphics card
5. 1280 x 1024
6. 4GB of free HDD space
7. Positive outlook
8. You must follow the game instructions
9. You should have NO viruses, spyware or any other dangerous programs
10. No unusual applications running at the same time
Well, hey, what else could you ask for? Let’s go into

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