Winrar Password Recovery Torrent


Winrar Password Recovery Torrent


Winrar Password Recovery Torrent

An Overview of the program
&emdash; Prompt and easy-to-use operation
&emdash; Powerful editing option
&emdash; Safe and secure operation
&emdash; Simple interface for the system of your choice
&emdash; The recovered data will be saved in a readable file
RAR password recovery software crack.

All trademarks referenced on this page are the properties of their respective owners.
Any infringement of copyrights will be resolved immediately.package com.ivy.lucene.admin.admincenter;

import com.ivy.lucene.admin.domain.entity.Log;
import com.ivy.lucene.admin.service.LogService;
import com.ivy.lucene.admin.service.quartz.LogSearchService;
import com.ivy.lucene.admin.service.quartz.QuartzExecutor;
import com.ivy.lucene.admin.service.quartz.DailyThreadPoolExecutor;
import com.ivy.lucene.admin.service.quartz.DailyThreadPoolExecutor2;
import com.ivy.lucene.admin.service.quartz.LogSearchExecutor;
import org.quartz.CronExpression;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.scheduling.annotation.Scheduled;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;

* @author iceair
public class QuartzConfig {

private DailyThreadPoolExecutor dailyThreadPoolExecutor;
private DailyThreadPoolExecutor2 dailyThreadPoolExecutor2;
private LogSearchExecutor logSearchExecutor;
private LogService logService;
private QuartzExecutor quartzExecutor;

@Scheduled(cron = “${quartz.cronExpression}”)
public void searchLog() throws Exception {

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